Body dissatisfaction

The female body has always been subjected to external pressures. We tend to oppose the thinness of today to the soft forms of the past, but we do not realize that in both cases the female body has been victim of external pressures. The woman has been stuck in beauty ideals that have reduced the the woman body to a packaging.
I modified some famous Venuses and I created a gif to compress in a small and repeated amount of time, what society


The existence of high levels of body dissatisfaction and disordered-eating attitudes in girls and women in Western cultures can be explained by a feminist framework that incorporates objectification theory. Many feminists have argued that in a patriarchal culture women are subjected to various means of subordination including the objectification and degradation of their bodies (e.g., Bordo, 1993; Kilbourne, 1999).
Women are often defined as their bodies; and their bodies are treated as objects that exist for the sexual pleasure of men



Note: after few months that I made this short project I discovered that an Italian artist worked on the same concept: annautopiagiordano check her amazing works!