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Digital Food Can Make You a Coder.

Digital Food Can Make You a Coder. Is a small and simple game made with processing. Use arrows to move, eat as much as you please! int x…

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Tempus Fugit, carpe diem.

Tempus Fugit is a graphical representations of time made with Processing. The three different circles represent milliseconds, seconds and minutes. “Sed fugit interea, fugit irreparabile tempus, singula dum…


Protetto: Proctortrack – Remote Identity Verification Application

Non è disponibile alcun riassunto in quanto si tratta di un articolo protetto.


We Love Games!

This short animation is a small personal experiment I did with Adobe After Affect to have fun with some motion graphic effects. I started by animating a static…


Testing and Recruitment Platform

FreshHire™ is a testing and recruitment responsive platform, helping HR managers hire-at-scale by filtering high-quality candidates through verified skill-based assessments with video interviews. FreshHire is a complex product…


Data Breaches – Infographic


Tribeca 3 Low

Complessità – when the coreographer is an algorithm

Complessita? – A Human At The Mercy Of An Algorithm from Enrica Be on Vimeo. Complessità (/komplessi’ta/ Italian, Complexity) is a performance that is a journey into the beauty…

Human Particle System-01

The Human Particle System

The Human Particle System At the beginning of my research for the performance “Complessità” I didn’t know what kind of technology could modify the user’s behavior, so I…


Women on Web

Visual interactive overview about woman condition in the world Women on Web is a prototype of a web-based interactive social network that aims to be a digital dynamic representation…


Health Book: My Health My Voice

A Women’s Step-by-Step Guide to Using Health Insurance Raising Women’s Voices (RWV) launched a national campaign to help newly-insured women use their health coverage to get the care…


ET Ecotrasformer

ET Ecotrasformer ET ECOTRASFORMER is a Waste System designed at the ISIDE Design Research Lab to enhance municipal solid waste thanks to pyrolysis.  For this project I was…


I am a Designer a digital artist and an activist. I have a long academic career in the design field that gave me the versatility necessary to address and…





QUASI – a robot with a strong emotional connection to humans

QUASI [kwey-zahy, -sahy, kwah-see, -zee] We build object, robots and computers that can execute any command, and we program them in a way that they apologize if something…


ESPN NEXT – A prototype of the future of watching live sports for millennials, by millennials.

ESPNNEXT ” We’re always looking for fresh ideas and creative solutions to improve our products, and the team did some truly impressive work in creating a functional prototype that…


Take Control

Take Control – Controlling a Radiohead video with my brainwaves Take Control – Interactive installation using brainwaves from Enrica Be on Vimeo. TakeCtrl is an interactive installation that…


wonder about

Wonder about This documentary project, Wonder About, made in collaboration with Elia Villa a Design and Technology student at Parsons, aims to explore a designer’s role in overcoming…

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Deep Down

Deep Down – Trailer This video is a motion graphic project about the graffiti subculture that uses images of the photography project Ergo Sum of the Italian photographer…


body dissatisfaction

Body dissatisfaction The female body has always been subjected to external pressures. We tend to oppose the thinness of today to the soft forms of the past, but…


Remove the distances

Remove the distances (design fiction) with this video we imagined different fictional scenarios to envision possible futures for design in removing the distances.


Paper Mirror

Paper mirror (Arduino) Technology virtualized our traditional world. I decided to investigate new relations between traditional medium/object and new technologies. I tried to add meaning to the traditional…


Scrapyard Challenge: pasta with beat balls

Scrapyard Challenge: pasta with beat balls The Scrapyard Challenge Workshops are intensive workshops run by Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki where participants build simple electronic projects (both digital…


Nestcape-urban mobility

Nestcape-urban mobility The Nestcape is a urban public space associated with a night transportation service called X-press, it was a working group project of the services design course,…



Womedia This campaign represents how the Media represent women by giving a blurred image of them. I designed this campaign to raise awareness on the issue of representation…


Made in Italy – Brain Drain

Made in Italy – Brain Drain This infographic map is the result of a one-day workshop with the graphic designer “Goran”. The data produced by Wired are about…


Backward – drawings and notes

Backward – drawings and notes


O-N il genio della lampada

O-N il genio della lampada O-N is a switch that comunicate its status trough its shape. BRIEF: create a switch that can communicates its status ON/OFF through its…


La Nera

La Nera While designing of an espresso coffee machine it is really important to understand the role it has in one’s daily routine. I wanted create a coffee…