QUASI [kwey-zahy, -sahy, kwah-see, -zee]

We build object, robots and computers that can execute any command, and we program them in a way that they apologize if something goes wrong. We made assertive objects to feed our ego, this project investigates what could happen if object start to act like humans, and got pissed if you don’t behave as hey want.

Quasi is a Quasi-object Quasi-Human with a strong emotional connection to humans. Lovely and calm when you are around. Might get pretty pissed if left alone. Quasi spams your email with messages he pulls from Twitter. #anger

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Quasi – an object that can get pissed from Enrica Be on Vimeo.

Composed of a heart, a brain and one eye.

The brain is an Arduino, the eye is a PIR sensor and a the heart is 3D printed. Uses Node and JavaScript to run. Quasi lives in a jar that can protect him, just like the rose of the Little Prince.

This 3D printed heart will send you a thousand mail to your email address if you are not close to him, but he will be very nice if you do.

this project started from an error. I was working on a puppet that could send you information by email if someone was in your room. Just to have fun I programmed the sensor in a way that the email sent contained this object: I SEE HUMANS, please come back home. While I was testing the sensor, I went to grab a coffee, I left the sensor in my classroom without turning it off.. and while I was waiting dor my coffee, my phone started to go crazy for the amount of email I was receiving.. everyone around me was laughing imagine this little sensor freaking out with all those people.. so in that moment I realized that what was really amazing was the behavior rather than its function, so I decided to investigate objects behavior and Quasi is the result.